Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Country is in Deep You-Know-What

I cannot stand McCain, Obama or Clinton. I think they are all phenomenally poor choices for leaders of the free world. But too bad for of this sad trio (soon to be a duo) will be President of the United States of America.

So far, I've resisted posting about the election, well, for the most part, due to my utter disgust with the choice of candidates. Well, I'm going to start. I'm hoping that by November, I will hate one of these people less than the others and be able to summon a little enthusiasm for voting. I do think voting is important, and I've never missed an election day in my adult life (what can I say....I'm the daughter of an immigrant).

Just FYI, I'm currently a registered Democrat, but my values are extraordinarily Conservative. Anybody in shock? I didn't think so.

So let's start off with a little poke at Obama. I am sick to death of hearing how he will unite the country. As Dennis Prager often says, calls to unite the country are almost always gratuitous. It is very easy to say "I want to unite the get behind my values." Frankly, I would also like to unite the country to get behind my values. What he's really saying (mostly to Democrats) is that he is going to bring more people over to the left. And then we will all be united. Wahoo!

More to come. I know a lot of you who just want to read about my Frumster dates are going to skip these postings...yeah, that's okay too.


YM said...

Actually, if what someone means by "uniting" is working with the other party to get legislation passed, McCain is the king of bi-partisan legislation. McCain-Feingold for banning "soft money" and McCain-Kennedy for immigration reform are two examples that easily come to mind.

WebGirl said...

McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy are (in my eyes) two of the most HORRIFIC pieces of legislation ever passed...and I'll go into this more when I post specifically about McCain. Conservatives don't view these laws as "meeting of minds" legislation; they view them as "has McCain gone off his Republican rocker?" legislation. Passing this legislation was more indicative of how un-Conservative McCain really is, not how well he can bring parties together to pass legislation that will benefit both of them.

That said, I probably hate McCain less than I hate Clinton or Obama. Well, let's just say I'm a sucker for war heroes. McCain certainly has my respect. Clinton has none of my respect, and I just don't know Obama...he has no real record. I still think McCain would make an utterly horrible president. I am just completely unenthusiastic about voting this year.