Thursday, February 21, 2008


Final post on that last Frumster Guy that I went out with Saturday night. He called me once on Sunday, very briefly, just to chat. He has not called since. So I guess that one is over. Oh well. Too bad. Sniff.

On the bright side of the street, a client's son, who is ten years younger than me, has been hitting on me non-stop this week. Flattering, one might think. However, he is as psycho as the day is long. Also, parenthetically, he's not Orthodox. Sooooo......pass.

The elections have been scaring me. I'm trying not to follow them too closely, because I know that there is too much noise and I pretty much think all the candidates are very poor choices. The only things that have filtered through my listening to Talk Radio podcasts are 1) Hillary is going to cry when she loses the nomination 2) McCain is not really a Conservative and was just outed in some sex scandal (like I care; I didn't care when Clinton was caught either) and 3) Obama is king of the pile but doesn't know his proverbial butt from his proverbial elbow and our country will be electing Rookie of the Year to run the free world. Good grief, I do hope God keeps smiling His smile on the good old USA, because we are going to need some it. My fellow Americans, put on your seat belts.

I'm going to go pay $9,000 to fill up my car and try not to run it up a tree.

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