Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the Oscar Goes To....

Most beautiful dress on the red carpet: Helen Mirren. Knockout.

In the "what was she thinking" category: Diablo Cody.

Most desperately in need of a padded bra: Cameron Diaz.

Most desperately in need of a minimizer bra (or any bra at all, really): Jennifer Hudson.

Most stunningly gorgeous 1,400 carat diamond necklace: Nicole Kidman. First guy to buy me that necklace--I marry.

Scariest wack-job on the planet: Michael Moore.


abandoning eden said...

Diablo Cody was probably thinking "Wow I used to be a stripper and now I won an oscar. Screw all those other people, I will wear my animal print dress and revel it in" :)

WebGirl said...

Or maybe, what would complement my hideous tattoo the most?

abandoning eden said...

I know a few women who used to be strippers and some who were even "sex workers" (as they like to call it), and tattoos of naked women seem to be very popular in that crowd

WebGirl said...

I gotta say, all religious feelings aside, that is one UGLY tattoo. Oof.