Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All teched out

Ok, only those of you who are computer nerds and personal finance junkies will appreciate this. Everyone else go back to your Facebook superpokes.

I can actually download all my 1099s this year. All of the accounts that I've held, including brokerage, are posting 1099-INTs and 1099-DIVs on their websites. Amazing. I don't have to wait to get all my paperwork in the mail to go to my accountant. I can actually email all of them to him as pdfs. I stand in awe.

I love that I can pay my estimated taxes online, open bank and brokerage accounts without walking into any buildings or licking any envelopes or writing any checks. I love that I gave most of my charity online through billpay this year, and all I need to do is download a statement to get a total figure. No more sifting through checkbook registers, thank you letters and receipts. When I think about how far we've come since, say 1999, when most banks didn't even have websites, I am blown away.

I totally heart the Internet. And it hearts me too.

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