Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thanks for the Hate Mail

Dear Two Idiots Who Sent Me Hate Email Regarding My Post About the Yeshivah of Flatbush Thing,

Thank you so much for calling me (respectively) a f____ing, closeminded, Orthodox c___, and a brainwashed, frummed-out homophobe. Really. I'm sure you will agree that blogs, especially anonymous blogs, are all about the free exchange of ideas without judgement, except of course when you don't agree with them. Thanks for not according me respect for speaking my mind and trying to defend my point of view from a rationalist approach. Thanks, above all, for pointing out how close-minded I am. I apparently have much to learn from two open-minded individuals such as yourselves.

Tonight, after Shabbos, I went out to dinner with my gay, shomer Shabbos friend, Shmuel, and his boyfriend, and because I always like a little validation, I asked him if he thought I was a brainwashed, frummed-out homophobe. He said "why, are you afraid of me?" I shared my opinion about the YOF controversy with him and asked what he thought, as someone who has a foot firmly planted in both the gay world and the frum world, and who is able to have a perspective on the realities of both without having to drown himself in p.c. platitudes. He said, "I agree with you that YOF did the right thing, but they probably could have handled it better." He also pointed out something that I had completely forgotten about, that YOF had a lot of recent baggage in this area because of a Rabbi/teacher that abruptly and angrily left the school two years ago when he came out of the closet. Keeping this background in mind only reinforces my opinion that YOF made a courageous and good decision.

So, hate mailers, thanks for the name-calling and the intolerance and have yourself a great day beating up on people who disagree with you. Please don't read my blog anymore. Thanks.




abandoning eden said...

it wasn't me...just wanted to make sure you know that (I'm not down with anonymous hatemail...i'd rather make it quasi-anonymous hate-comments. :) J/k)

WebGirl said...

Of course not. I never thought it was you, AE.