Sunday, January 6, 2008

Polyester Mafia

I watched the season premiere of that new show, Cashmere Mafia, tonight. And that is another 58 minutes that I will never have back again.

This show is so obviously trying to be Sex and the City with a twist, you can feel the palpable effort. As in SATC, the female characters are powerful, beautiful, fashionable, brilliant, ruthless and totally together in virtually every area of their lives, except for relationships. When it comes to relationships, these women are train wrecks. As in SATC, though these women are close friends, their lives (and coincidentally, their hair colors), couldn't be more different. And as on SATC, where these women have gaping holes in their lives caused by failures with their partners, they are filling in with their closer-than-sisters relationships with each other.

(hair toss) I love you guys. I really love you guys!

How many different ways can you say "unhealthy" and "fake?" Like polyester.

I'm absolutely sure that this show will be a hit. Yet another reason to keep the tv off, that is, until 24 comes back on the air.

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