Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tzniusdik t-shirts for a song, and a little capelet thingie

Attention all female frummies: check out this long sleeve ribbed cotton t-shirt at Newport News. You get THREE of these for $15. Use the 20% off coupon (code 566) and you get three for $12. Ok, I know the neckline is a teeny bit scoopy, but hey, $4 a t-shirt! Cotton! Long sleeves! Great colors!

Last time I ordered from NN, I got this little cape thing, (which was $9.60 after the coupon discount) because I thought it was different. It turned out to be even cuter than in the picture, and was a perfect topper for a sorta plain Shabbos knit sweater outfit I had, that was a tiny bit too snug up there. Very elegant and girlie. If you hate wearing what everyone is (as I do), this is perfect, except don't wear it to shul when I do, please.

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