Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ten Fun, Purty, Flirty, A Teeny-Tiny-Bit-Slutty Things I Would Love to Wear if I Weren't Frum (Dammit)

  1. This.
  2. This.
  3. This.
  4. This.
  5. This.
  6. This.
  7. This.
  8. This.
  9. This.
  10. This.
Sigh. Well, it helps that I'm not thin enough to wear these anyway.

Okay, ladies, if you are an FFB (Frum Female Blogger), consider yourself tagged. Remember, these are things you would wear in public, so lingerie doesn't count.


Anonymous said...

1, 3, 4, and 10 - love 'em. I grew up in an Orthodox environment, and while I might where some of them if I had the figure, I don't think I could bring myself to wear 10 no matter how hot of a body I had. Some of the yeshiva in me just won't go away.

Sigh. If not for end-of-semester madness, I'd look for some links to include here. Not a blogger (just a consumer of them), hence not officially tagged...

WebGirl said...

Anonymous...yeah, you're tagged anyway. I'm always curious if other frum women are tempted by the same things I am. If you can't blog it, comment it. It'll take my mind off today's fast. ;)

Anonymous said...

As mentioned before, I'm running up on a deadline for a final paper this term (ah, the life of the doctoral student). When I have some time to do some searching, I'll post some links in the comments here.

Shmilda said...

Definitely not a frum female, but...

Evidently I'm fully acculturated in my alternate world since 1, 3, and a bunch of the others seem acceptable in the right circumstances.

You have great taste!

WebGirl said...

Thanks Shmilda. They are ALL really totally acceptable in secular circles (well, maybe not the thigh-high boots). Tsnius removes you from the normal, everyday world. What kind of an idiot wouldn't wear a sleeveless blouse in 98 degree weather? A frum girl, that's who.

Anonymous said...

Hi Webgirl,

Here are a few things I'd wear if I weren't frum:


I wasn't going to take the time to search more, but I also really like the look of a halter top, and of a backless dress (think Hilary Swank's navy blue dress of some awards show several years ago - except that it was super tight, it was otherwise extremely modest from the front with a high neck and long sleeves, but from the back, well, there was none. The back started very low and flowed down into a skirt, but her actual back was exposed. So sleek).