Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Not to Wear

Ok, boys, I'm only going to say this once.

In your Frumster and SYAS pictures, please do not:

1) post that picture of you on vacation. If I have to look at another guy in a baseball cap, ill-fitting grubby t-shirt (lift a weight once or twice, willya?), and stained jeans, with a 40 lb. camera around his neck and a tote bag, I'm going to heave. You don't look good in that picture, k?

2) post a picture of you with a hand-bag, man purse, shopping bag, fanny pack, etc. Do I really need to explain this?

3) post a picture of you with your kids. Let me make something clear here: women love guys who are paternal, will make good dads, etc. But we like to picture you with
our kids, not your kids. Capeesh? I'm not going to be dating your kids, so why post a picture of them?

4) post your wedding picture. Oh good grief, are you that clueless?

5) post a picture with your arm around another girl. I don't care if it's your platonic bud, your sister, your niece or your co-worker. This is the first impression that we are talking about here. It's just not good.

Do post:

1) that solo picture of you in your suit or tux at your brother's wedding, the one that the professional photog took while your hair was combed. You look good in that picture!

2) a picture with a smile. Chicks love smiles.

3) an action shot as a second pic. Pose on blades, on a boat, bike, climbing, jumping, etc.

Not that my Frumster/SYAS picture is great (it's not) but at least I'm dressed up and smiling. I just had to get this off my chest. For some reason, in the last two weeks my Frumster and SYAS account have been very active, and I just cannot look at another bad picture. What were these guys thinking?


Jessica said...

Agreed, except with #3 in the "don't post" section. You are ABSOLUTELY going to be dating his children. When someone has a family, there's no way around it. You're in a relationship with the kids just as much as the parent you're dating.

WebGirl said...

So why do I need to see a picture of them? Really, the picture is about "will I be attracted to him," not his family situation. I didn't say to hide his kids, but there is no reason to post a photo of them.

Anonymous said...

if someone has kids i dont mind if he has a photo with them, its just that i dont like the photos of guys who dont have kids who have photos of themselves with kids. i always assume it is their kids in the photos anyway and take a double take when it says he doesnt have kids, not that he is paternal