Friday, November 2, 2007

Rick Again

Third phone call with my future husband, Rick. I like him. I think if I can just buy him a sense of humor, we might have something here.

He takes himself a leeeettle bit to seriously. Just a smidgen.

Good signs: each time we talk, it's for two hours and even when we hang up, I always feel like I could have said more. He's frum, worldly, has his ducks in a row, is polite, sweet, hardworking sensitive, incredibly learned, well-read. He drops little side tidbits of information that make me like him more. He's very open...asked me about my divorce but not in that intrusive, judgmental way that former dates have. Never been married, dying to, wants to have kids , picket fence, badly. He just seems to want to get to know me. I don't feel like he's evaluating me.

Bad signs: He's a little socially awkward, at least on the phone (wished me a good Shab on Tuesday, etc.). He can't stop quoting things. He tends to go on and on, though he'll catch himself and let me talk. Never been married (that's a double-edged sword).

Of course, all of this is academic until we go out. He's 6' 1" (he let that out by accident), and I love tall guys and as I've mentioned before, I've already seen his picture, but you know how fickle chemistry can be.

I like him. Today speaking to him, I felt, a tiny little spark. Yes.


smoo said...

Just curious at to why you call Rick 'your future husband'. Does that expectation in anyway alter your perception or analysis of him? Does it put pressure on you, him or the ensuing relationship as to the level you two SHOULD be at?

Meet a nice guy. Go out for fun. Let life carry you and if it is right then marriage would be a natural outgrowth of that bond. Marriage should not be viewed as a goal but rather as a means to deepen the already developing bond.

WebGirl said...

First of all, you need to understand that's it's mostly a joke; apparently not a very funny one. I mean, I haven't even met Rick yet. And I have a few dates with other guys on the calendar. You know, my other future husbands. Rick kinda stood out from the herd because I actually felt a little flicker there, so I decided to write about him.

That said, I have to disagree with your approach. While I would love to date for fun and see how things go, the reality is, the pressure is on. I am one of the few divorced women in my age category who doesn't have kids (another double-edged sword), so my dating is pretty focused. Marriage is the goal. However, given the pain I just went through in my previous marriage, so is love. And so is fire. I hope God grants me all three.