Thursday, November 1, 2007

My future husband, Rick, again

So Rick called again tonight. Another very intellectual conversation, at least on his part. I find that when someone is overly academic, I dumb myself down a bit, always feeling the need to "average" towards normal. I like him so far, but I'm still concerned that he can't be ordinary and human.

I have another concern. You're going to think this is stupid. I mentioned my father passed away a few years ago? Rick has the same first Hebrew name as my Dad. Is this ridiculous? I don't know. It would be a tremendous comfort to me to someday have a son with his name. On the other hand, it's so hard to meet someone with whom you click these days. I know if my father were here, he would tell me to concentrate on getting married and nothing else.

We also might have some hashkafic differences, though if I like him enough (we'll see when we actually go out), these are workable.

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