Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Online Shopping Deals

On Black Friday, I didn't camp out outside of Best Buy to get an $80 laptop. The last time I stood in line for 6 hours was when I was in college, for tickets to a David Bowie concert. That ship has sailed long ago.

I love shopping online. Maybe it's because I don't like strangers touching me, irritable, semi-retarded cashiers, or wading through poorly marked merchandise. I love the fact that a record of my purchase gets emailed to me (no paper), that I get to anticipate the stuff's arrival, and that even with shipping charges, I tend to do much better than I would in a store, assuming I've done my homework and have a code or coupon or have timed the purchases right. I like the fact that I have access to cool stores outside of my physical geographical area. I love sitting on my butt, getting stuff and saving gobs of money. I'm a chick-nerd.

First and foremost, if you don't join and shop through
Ebates.com, I don't understand you. Even if you shop online one time, it pays. They simply give you money back on every purchase, and they will give you $5 just for signing up (and I will get $5 if you join through this link). Make a purchase before 12/31/7, and you will get $10. Use your rewards points credit card, use discount codes, it doesn't matter; and they have all the major online retailers. This is a no-lose deal, a pure no-brainer....all my friends have signed up and are scratching their heads on why they waited so long. I mean, do you like money?

Ok, now for some other here-and-there deals......
AllPosters.com - 25% off any order paid for with Visa: url is www.allposters.com/25visa
Art.com - 20% off: code 74R20
Avon.com - free shipping with orders $40 or more: code MY40
BlueNile.com - Free overnight shipping; no code. This site has some excellent jewelry priced at the lower end.
Borders.com - 20% off coupon, click here, until 12/5/7.
Chicos.com - $20 off orders of $75 or more, until 12/31/7: code 5941
ColdwaterCreek.com - $25 off orders of $75 or more, until 12/23/7: code PLA9338. Also, 40% off until 12/23/7: code WLP8512 Also $30 off until 12/23/7 on orders of $100 or more: code GIFT30 or WLP8334. Use the code that will maximize your savings.
Danskin.com - 20% off any order until 12/31/7: code click20a
DesignersLinenOutlet.com - 15% off any order until 12/31/7: code shopx7

EBags.com -20% cash back (along with free shipping) if you use your PayPal account on orders over $75, until 12/10/7. Also $25 to spend on a future purchase over $75 with orders over $75, until 12/2/7. also $10 off orders over $50 paid for with Visa through 01/08: url is www.ebags.com/visacard
Fortunoffs-Hewlett.co - 30% off: code SAVINGS until 2/9/8
EddieBauer.com - $15% off & free shipping, until 12/24/7: code RSDEC07
FragranceNet.com - 10% off orders over $35 and free shipping for orders over $60: code CE47
HomeDecorators.com - $20 off orders $200 or more: code 1636518C
HomeDecoratorsOutlet.com - $10 off orders $50 or more: code 8581630
Ice.com (one of my favorites) - 20% off and free shipping on everything: code BCD20-383319 or VSA20 (paid for with Visa)
LampsPlus - $20 off order of $100 plus until 2/29/8 paid for with Visa: code 55VSFB8Z
LLBean.com - Free shipping until 12/21/7.
NeimanMarcus.com - free shipping on orders $150 or more: code NM8 and free shipping any amount (see comment): code WINTER.
NYandCompany.com - $25 off an order of $75 or more or $15 off an order of $50 or more, until 12/19/7: code 1389
Nordstrom.com - Free shipping on order $100 or more until 12/19/07: code HOLIDAY07.
Overstock.com -20% cash back (along with free shipping) if you use your PayPal account on orders over $100, until 12/10/7.
PetSmart.com - $10 off order of $60 plus until 1/31/8 paid for with Visa: code VISA60
PlowandHearth.com - Free shipping: code GAH
ShoeMall.com - 15% off any order until 12/31/8. Free shipping always: code SAVE15
Shoes.com - 15% off regular priced items and 10% off sale items and free shipping, paid for with Visa, until 12/31/7: url www.shoes.com/VISADM07
1800flowers.com - 15% off any order paid for with Visa until 2/29/8: code VF9

Write in if you have any other deals that you'd like to share and I'll happily post them. I obviously take no responsibility on the accuracy of these codes, but if you try one and it doesn't work, please let me know and I'll remove it.

Guys, need a classy, inexpensive Chanukah present for your wife/girlfriend/mom/femalesomebody? This silk and cashmere pashmina is (gulp) $45. That's insane. (Even on Overstock.com, they are $68.) It's cheap, one-size-fits-all, totally elegant. Get the black, dusty mauve or seaside color. If my significant other got this for me, he would get some serious love in return. Sadly, I will have to buy one for myself (sniff).

Happy Stuff Accumulation!

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NeimanMarcus.com - free shipping on any dollar amount (no minimum) with the code WINTER