Thursday, November 8, 2007


Three different people have written to me asking why I always say "God" and not "G-d." I didn't realize that this was such a burning issue.

Here's the deal. "God" is no more the name of Hashem than "Dieu" (French) or "Dios" (Spanish) or "Dei" ( Latin) is. It is simply the English noun for Hashem. While I can appreciate the extra respect given to the word that is implied by the dash, I feel it is not necessary. I also feel that dashing out the center letter might erroneously lead people to believe that "God" is the name of Hashem.


Shmilda said...

Reminds me of those who write H-shem, and of someone who in his contracts writes about "Acts of G-d."

WebGirl said...

Yeah, they are both pretty silly, IMHO.

But actually, writing "H-shem" makes a tiny bit more sense to me than writing "G-d."

Bontà said...


Well, I also avoid writing the Name in full, even in Loazit, because people might print the page and then throw it away.
Silly? Well, better silly than sorry...