Friday, November 9, 2007

I Like Shredding

I hate paper. I do everything on my computer. I mean everything. I can't even think with a pen in my hand anymore. I barely print out the past 10 months, I have not gone through even a full ream of paper. I am a big thrower-outer. I save virtually nothing unless I absolutely need it.

And yet, I have so much paper in my just accumulates and takes over and fills up my desk and the spare chairs in my office. I have three filing cabinets, all nearly full. Even with all my weeding out and proactive discarding, I am still swimming, drowning in paper. I don't know how it happens. And my office trash bin is constantly filling up with paper paper paper.

In an effort to reduce the deluge, I bought myself a shredder. It has changed my life. I shred everything. Junk mail, catalogs, notes, stickies. I go through everything all the time and I shred it all.

And ya know what? I really like shredding. A lot. It's perverse. After I sort my mail, I like putting all the refuse through the slot, watching the little teeth mash and slice away at the paper. I really like putting through the periodicals, and watching the shredder work to destroy the multiple layers of evil papers. It's fun. It's so oddly satisfying. It's like when Letterman drops watermelons out of windows.

I am such a three year old.

Please no comments/flames about needing a life or recycling, pretty please. I know.

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