Monday, November 12, 2007

Gemachs Gone Mad

Guest-posted by Nice Jewish Guy:

I'm a subscriber to several local community shul mailing lists-- you know, the ones where people post curb alerts, ask for rides, sell used furniture and appliances, and ask for doctor referrals, etc. Last week there was a message posted to the list asking for the number for the iPod gemach.

I nearly had a conniption. An iPod gemach?!

For those of you who don't know what a "Gemach" is, it is basically a free loan organization. People donate their used items, be it clothes, furniture, appliances, wedding gowns, wheelchairs and medical supplies, etc., which can then be borrowed free of charge by those in need and returned when they are finished using them. For example, a young couple of limited means that is getting married, might turn to the gown gemach for the bride's wedding dress, the furniture gemach for a bed their new apartment, until they can afford a new one; a man with an infirm relative visiting for a yom tov may borrow a walker, wheelchair, or hospital bed from a surgical supply gemach for his relative's visit.

But an iPod gemach? What kind of a person uses an iPod gemach? Does someone wake up one day and say, "You know, I really would like an iPod. But I don't want to actually buy one-- I'll just go to a gemach."

What's next? The flatscreen TV gemach? The Nintendo gemach? The Lexus gemach? Some people need to be taken outside and beaten.


WebGirl said...

What really annoys me is when people look for stuff for free on these lists and it has to be top quality only. Like "Young newlywed couple looking for dining room set, must be top quality, no nicks or chips, seating 12 only." I've actually seen posts like this. I understand not wanting junk that's falling apart but geez, I sat on a folding chair at a card table for a year until my ex and I 1) worked 2) saved up money and 3) could afford it. There is a weird attitude of entitlement out there that I find baffling. These posts, these luxury gemachs....some make me want to scream: Get a freakin job!

Anonymous said...

Keep The Smile
Baltimore MD - Monsey, NY
845-825-4197 Gemachs

Our Gemach is not the usual Gemach... We lend out PlayStation® Portable (PSP) and Nintendo DS players. For children who are either in a hospital or home bound.