Thursday, November 1, 2007

Five somewhat interesting things about me that you will not read in my stupid Frumster profile:

1. I would rather eat pickles and olives than chocolate. Yes. I eat them right out of the jar. I have been known to eat pickle/olive sandwiches.
2. I was a National Merit Scholar in high school and it paid for most of my college education.
3. I once went hang gliding in California. I loved it. Whoosh.
4. I dig vampire literature, tv shows and movies.
5. I've never seen a pornographic movie or magazine. Ever.

Your turn. This means you, NJG, Lubab No More, Smoo, Jacob Da Jew, Come Running, Shmilda, Curlygirl, Myrtle and anyone else out there. Even if you want to be anonymous, I don't care. Just be interesting. Go.


Jacob Da Jew said...

For starters, a link to brighten up your day :)

I'm not in the mood of memes now. Sorry.

smoo said...

1. First off you'll not find a profile of me there because I flourish in the world of face to face, get your gumption up and initiate hot pursuit. I guess if Shabbatons, singles gatherings and networking weren't bringing results, I would turn to Frumster. Specifically on Shabbatons, I get in the charm zone where I feel the twinkle in the eye, a sharpness to my humor, and an air of mischief. Rarely fails.

2. In seventh grade, a friend and I found a cup full of cash in a classroom and we split it. Later that day the in-your -face math teacher tells everyone to put their heads down and those who stole the Tzedakah cup come up. It hadn't occurred to us that this was charity money and it really isn't my nature to steal or cheat. I was a real goody goody in school. To this day I see the look of disappointment in his eye when I was the one who had to come up to the desk.

3. I went to Camp Moshava as a learning Rebbe after summer session was over. I was really into it but I lasted only 3 days before they made me counselor. Thank God because as a rebbe, I had little access to the social scene but once I got around campus with the kids, I met a lot of women including one very nice Israeli woman. We stayed out late after the kids were asleep and kissed on the dock.

4. The store manager and I were running errands when we passed by a Victoria Secret. He dared me to go in and, well, ask for a dildo. I walked in entirely confident and cocky and in front a a small group of shoppers I asked where they kept their dildos. The young saleslady looked flushed but her superior who happened to overhear the exchange chimed in without missing a beat, "Wrong store, sunshine!" Now I generally don't have the uncontrollable urge to accept a dare as many men do but I was in the 'radiant phase' where I feel so extroverted that a big smile and a gabby mouth could do no harm. Manager still laughs to this day.

5. There was a brief time where I experimented with candles. All different scents, if you know what I mean. Actually, you don't, so I shall explain. I was turned on to Leonardo Da Vinci (not in that way). He felt it imperative to stimulate all your senses while using your creative mind. He would have music playing and scented candles permeating the air while he was painting. I thought if I could tap into that, I could tap into genius. The results are that I'm here commenting on blog tags.

Lubab No More said...

I made a post with my responses.

Shmilda said...

1. Like Smoo, you wouldn't find my Frumster profile because I don't have one. I've never had success with that type of thing.

2. I once ended an otherwise amazing relationship because my then-girlfriend's visceral opposition to fashion led to a lack of physical attraction. Actually, you already knew that because she just (1+ yr. later) blogged about it.

3. While in yeshiva in Israel, people started a rumor that I was arrested at a protest. Really, when the plainclothes Israeli cop told me to get back on the sidewalk, I made like an oblivious American until a uniformed one came with the same message.

4. I'm a closet cheapskate. I just bought a year's supply of peanut butter because the local supermarket has it half-price this week.

5. I can't bring myself to send an email without proofreading it at least once.