Friday, November 16, 2007

D & B (warning: guys, this post is really for the ladies)

I love Dooney & Bourke pocketbooks. When I was younger, I was addicted to Coach ( oh man, that soft, gorgeous leather...), and I've used this Coach briefcase for nearly fifteen years now, but I got a little less conservative as I got older. D & B bags are stylish and classy, with a little more edge to them than Coach. They are somewhat pricey, but I treat myself to one whenever I can afford it, which is not that often (and that's why it's a treat).

But, OMG, could they have gotten a scarier looking model or an uglier, cheesier looking bag for the front cover of their new catalog? I need to speak to their marketing department. Who the heck did this woman's hair and what were they drinking? And her eye makeup is a little, um, dramatic, don'tcha think? And that ginormous gold bag...what were they thinking?

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