Friday, October 19, 2007

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming with this important announcement

That's it. I am officially retired from trying to blow-dry my hair straight. I give up. I'm done. I'm tired of the fight, the mousse, the gels, the sprays, the mess, the frizz, the whole gesheft. Boys, give up on your Jennifer Anniston fantasies (hah! yeah, like I even remotely resemble old Jenn). It's over. My hair is long and curly and huge. I embrace that. Hair, you win.

Fabulous women with gi-normous hair who make me feel better about myself:

And for those of you curious as to what my mess looks like, I slapped my head down on the scanner tonight. No, I'm not drunk and no, I will not be xeroxing any body parts. So as I preserve my anonymity, here's my hair:

And so gentlemen, I'm sorry. I will grow it. I will highlight it. When I start to go really gray, I will color it. But I will not straighten it. Bring back The Eighties. Bring back Big Hair. With respect and reverence, I am laying down my blowdryer. Long live the curl.


Anonymous said...

im with you girl. i have long very curly hair and i refuse to straighten it. hey, at least i have hair unlike some of those BALD men i know.

come running said...

I'll trade. I have very straight hair and have always wished it was curly

WebGirl said...

No woman likes her hair. I'm convinced that we're wired to always be frustrated with it. You know the only time I really appreciated it? When I was married and covered it. Chicks are so weird.