Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Smart, but does he live on this planet?

My friend set me up with a new guy, Rick. I spoke to Rick on the phone tonight. He is, to say the least, different. Rick is off the IQ charts. Rick is brilliant. Freakin' brilliant. He is the most well-read, learned, scholarly guy I have ever been set up with. I kinda like that.

Now the question is, can Rick be human? While I'm no dummy, I'm not in any way off the the charts. I like to talk about stupid, mundane things too. And I certainly have my well-nourished immature side.

I'm a little concerned about Rick's seeming inability to hold a conversation without footnotes.

But it's early. I'm intrigued. No fire yet, but I'm definitely getting my matches ready, and I really hope he calls me again soon. We're going out next weekend. More then.

P.S. I saw his picture and he's sorta cute. Not GQ, but definitely masculine and fit. So: cute and smart. I'm gonna run with this a little.

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