Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My keyboard bought the farm

I purchased my black Micro wireless computer keyboard about three years ago. Over the last year, the labels on the keys a, s, d, e, c, r, backspace and enter have become completely worn down to the point of total erasure. (What am I over-typing? SAD CARE? DECREASE? CRASS DEAR? SEED RACE?) I have probably spilled the equivalent of 18 cups of coffee, forty cans of Diet Coke with caffeine, and 5 gallons of Poland Spring into the keys. The v key has always stuck. And still my keyboard persevered. While I am borderline OCD about protecting my hard drive, I don't sweat the small stuff, like stupidly dumping beverages into computer peripherals, because they are so cheap and manufacturers come out with slicker, more efficient versions of everything each year.

But I think I grew attached to my worn out keyboard, with its missing letters and sticky vee and its stubborn will to live; got used to it like a broken-in pair of Nikes. I know that's a little funny, but I'm a funny girl. Finally this evening, after coming home from The World's Longest Day Date Ever in the History of the Universe, I settled in to deal with my work messages, and my keyboard went bipolar on me. The d key typed n, the y key typed a comma, the g key skipped four spaces and then spat out its g. Etc. It was wild. I checked to see that all my settings were okay, logged in, logged out, hard-rebooted twice, but alas, my keyboard was CRAZY, man, and then it choked and well, baruch Dayan emet. I had finally killed my poor, tired keyboard with its sticky vee. So sad. (SAD CARE?)

I raced out to Radio Shack to grab me a new one before my boss had an aneurysm, and I got a sleeker, more ergonomic wireless Logitech. It's purty. And cheaper. And what was the first thing I did once I got the shiny new thing talking to my computer? I spilled a little mint tea (I have a sore throat) on the number pad. And so it begins.

I can't bring myself to throw out my old keyboard yet...that'll be tomorrow, maybe. It's not going to be easy to say goodbye to my old friend.



Nice Jewish Guy said...

Maybe you wouldn't spill so much tea and stuff if you'd only use that handy slide-out cup holder that's built into your CPU tower. That's what it's for, right?

WebGirl said...

Then where would I keep my pencil cup?