Tuesday, October 30, 2007

75 Days to Go

I just watched the trailer for the upcoming 7th season of 24, or as a fellow addict puts it, "24, the Shmitah Year." It looks SO good, I'm hyperventilating. They are bringing back (from the dead?) Tony Alameda, for starters. That alone will be worth the wait. Horror of horrors though, AirAmerica blabbermouth Janeane Garofalo is going to be playing an FBI agent (??!!??). What were they thinking? Uch. On the upside, if they make her character a Jack Bauer love interest (like he could ever date a Liberal), we get the pleasure of seeing her, well, go the way of all Jack Bauer love interests, meaning, bye bye Janeane. We can only hope. Plotline spoiler: CTU is gone, but never fear because Chloe O'Brian and Bill Buchanan are still around to help save the world from itself and the Bad Guys.

Well, in Jack We Trust. So starting January 13th and onward, don't call me Monday nights.


Lubab No More said...

I like how the trailer starts with Keifer practically begging us to give him another chance. I'm a huge fan but I totally checked out about a quarter of the way into last season. I'll give him another chance.

WebGirl said...

Oh, you gotta forgive Jack, LNM. He's Jack!

I don't watch a lot of television. 95% of it is crap. But 24 is just SO GOOD.