Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Facebook and LinkedIn

I am so addicted to Facebook and LinkedIn.

I recently became active on these sites. Through them, I reconnected to:

1) an old girlfriend from college who transfered out to Harvard junior year and is now a marine biologist in Marin county, L.. We spoke on the phone for three hours last night. What do I have in common with this girl? Absolutely less than nothing, but we have so so much to say to each other. I just love this person. In college, we were inseparable and got into a LOT of trouble together. It's funny, you would never put us together...she's not Jewish, not religious, very very outdoorsy, liberal, blond, does yoga, parties likes its 1999, into the environment....but we have such an easy friendship. Got me thinking about my approach to meeting men....maybe I am looking for love in all the wrong places? Next time I am in California, L. and I are going to hang.

2) an old mentor of mine, A., who was my manager on the first job that I ever held in the profession related to the one I am in now. Turns out he is a VP at a very hot firm on Wall Street and said that any time I was interested in returning to the Street, I had a job with him. Wow! And, sugar on top, he thought of a guy for me.

3) an ex-boyfriend from eight years ago who hired me to do a little freelance work for him. Easy job, an extra three thousand dollars that I didn't have before. I haven't spoken to this guy since our breakup. I barely remember going out with him.

4) an old intern of mine, R. from a previous job, ten years ago. He's an Indian guy, very sweet and introverted when he worked for me. I hired him because I thought he was smart and clever, even though everyone else on my team thought he was nerdy and shy and wore funny clothes and my teammates all fought me on R.'s hiring. We got together for coffee and caught up. R. is now a CFO (!!!) at a Wall St. firm, married and oozing confidence (and money) and wearing $2,000 suits. I am so proud of him and what he has done with his life. He told me I was the first person to hire him out of college and take him under my wing and he would never forget that. I never thought of him that way, but it felt great to hear it. Karma.

Brilliant sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are supposed to be networking sites to enable you to form lucrative future connections. It's funny...for me, they have been all about the past. I had a really good past, punctuated by really good people. I often forget that, given that my future seems a little bleak sometimes.


Jacob Da Jew said...

Its nice to be appreciated.

WebGirl said...

Yeah, it kinda is. Doesn't happen so often.