Monday, October 22, 2007

Attention Frumster Shoppers

Nice Jewish Guy (whoever the heck he is) and I are mixing it up and swapping blogs for a post or so. It's not really a fair four and a half readers to his 27,000 or so, but what the hell; we're bored. So look for an honored guestblog post here soon. Now, what shall I write on Frumster Shoppers? Something really different.... Maybe I should brush up on my haikus. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Kidding NJG. Really.)


Nice Jewish Guy said...

Well, as long as it isn't Vogon Poetry!

WebGirl said...

Skating through the web,
Where are the interesting sites?
Click! Nice Jewish Guy.
Lotsa Jewish blogs
Attention Frumster Shoppers
Cleanup on aisle one.