Monday, August 20, 2007

Losing It

Losing weight has proven to be an interesting challenge at this age. It is definitely coming off much more slowly than, say, in my twenties. I have been exercising my brains out and following a new eating regimen (as opposed to dieting). I've been "frontloading" my meals, eating a big breakfast and lunch and almost no dinner. Not eating at night is a killer for me but it's one of the few things that works. I've also cut sweets completely out until I reach a certain goal, which makes me a little sad.

Don't worry, chocolate. I'll be back.

Why am I doing this? Because a) I want my pre-marital body back b) guys like slim girls c) as the Ferocious Forties loom scarily on the horizon, I want to hold on to my health d) I want to do more. It's hard to do fun athletic things when you're fat. I want to hike without wheezing.

I'm obsessing much more on the exercise portion of my weight loss program rather than the diet, and I wonder if this is a mistake. I'm fascinated to see changes in my body, i.e. instead of my upper arms doing the "flap thing," I can actually see a little definition. Weird.

So I'd rather not post weight and measurement, etc. but let's just say that if my journey to health and losing weight is a number line marked 1 to 10, I'm probably at point 2. At point 4, I'm eating a Hershey's kiss. Go ahead and judge me.

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